Build Your Dream Home

Starting from scratch? Engage the team at Juma Construction who will help you every step of the way. From planning to the execution and finalisation of your build, our expert team will create a new space you will adore for decades to come. We work collaboratively with you to ensure you are informed and happy with the progress of your build, monitoring things for the most important part – your budget.

Knockdown & Rebuilds

Sometimes it’s just easier to start fresh! If that is your plan, speak to the team at Juma Construction about clearing away the old to make way for the new. Our knockdown and rebuild process is efficient and of a high level of quality well-suited to those looking to rebuild a modern and luxurious property for a new start.

Dual Occupancy & Duplex

Even the most complex of property set-ups are simple for our experienced team. If you are wanting to build a dual occupancy or duplex property, our professional team have the answers for the most optimal solutions. We’ve built to a range of specifications and ensure high-quality, luxury finishes, with all of the necessary safety precautions accounted for when dealing with multi-level projects.

Townhouse & Multi unit

Our team are able to handle small to large-scale projects of varying complexity. When dealing with a townhouse or multi-unit project, you’ll want experts who can project manage the task, while also completing the necessary works. This makes for a smoother schedule and ensures a quality result. That is precisely what Juma Construction offers, speak to us today about how best to execute your project with style and efficiency.

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