“ I bow to that part of you that is at peace with yourself and the world. ”


create balance

Preparing For Class

Be kind and loving towards yourself, enjoy and be open to what is . . .

Arrive a few minutes early to class, even just to set yourself up and settle into the room before we start.

If you do arrive late, try to leave keys, turned off phones and any other jangly bits outside the room and be respectful that the practice has already begun for others. Take a few deep breaths and join us.

Please be aware that others may be sensitive to smells so limiting use of strong perfumes or deodorants can help those who are sensitive.

Wear clothes that that you feel comfortable in and allow for unrestricted movement.

It is more comfortable to practice on an empty stomach, though if you do need to eat just prior to class you may wish to try something light like a piece of fruit.

Last but not least ∼ smile ∼ because the blessing of yoga is the joy of connection to oneself and to others.

Om Shanti - Peace