Tallow Beach

Karen Marshal has been a regular guest at Juma retreats over the years and generously contributes photos and poems reflecting the highlights from each retreat. Enjoy the following poem and photos of our Byron Bay retreat held at Tallow Beach - thank you Karen


Another success for the Juma Retreat
This time at Byron’s Tallow Beach
Nestled amongst the trees
Bungalow huts all self contained
Windows covered with cloth batik stained
Yoga the main reason for our stay
As well as time to relax and to play.

Long walks on the beach
Making footprints in the sand
Watching dogs chase and race
Then come lick your hand
Bringing a smile to your face,
to see the joy on theirs
As they chase a bit more
and head for the shore

In a relaxed mood
While we wait for our food
Never hazarding a guess
That the organisational structure
Would present such a fracture
For the team in the kitchen
Delivering such rapture
With the culinary delights prepared,

Conversations in the sun
When the meal was done
Some waiting for massages
Ever popular and then some
Our little Michelle is always a hit
When she brings her Charka kit
Giving us a practical demo on Charka facts
With individual readings presented with tact
And of course, a reason to prance
the Nia Dance
a special treat
as we moved to the beat

Bike tracks and tennis made part of the fun
Others chose to sit in the sun
Some went to the markets
Some chose to rest
But overall - The feeling... RELAXED

And as I head home
In the small wee hours of the morn
I wonder at the new dawn
And thank my lucky stars and my maker
For giving me these special moments...
of friends who allow you to be yourself
and to...
just be.

Thank you Julie & Amanda for
making the weekend so special.
—  Karen Marshall