Ubud, Bali

Guests’ comments:

“ The Juma Yoga Health Retreat exceeded expectations beyond the very high ones I had, attending Amanda + Julie's Juma center in Brisbane. The balance Of cultural + spiritual activities & the opportunities for twice daily meditation sessions & yoga sessions was wonderful. A magical unforgettable few days. An experience hopefully to return to, worth lessons to take home too. Thank you. The accommodation, facilitates, spa & staff could not have been friendlies or more obliging. The shuttle bus was great + staff's efforts to meet my dietary requirements very appreciated. Again, a marvelous choice. Thank you.” 
—  Silvana

“ I come away on this retreat hoping the restore tranquility in my soul to carry back to my life after a stressful year. That had been achieved by the third day and I gained so much more. I am returning home completely renewed and energized with new skills and ways of carrying Bali peace and gratitude into my regular life. I want to come back again next year with my husband to learn more. Thank you for the gift that has been the Juma Bali Retreat 2011. ” 
— Tracie

“ Thank you so much for an amazing adventure and a wonderful personal Julie and Amanda. It has exceeded my expectations on all levels. I would love to rewind the week and do it all over again. The setting is magical and the Balinese people radiate friendliness. I loved that the extra activities showed us the cultural/spiritual side of this beautiful place something I will always remember – an amazing experience which I felt, contributed to me healing and closing a difficult chapter in my life. I feel I have opened a new and exciting chapter of my Julie and Amanda. Thank you so much! ” 
—  Lisa

“ Your Bali retreat exceeded all expectations — wonderful meals, meeting great people, time for reflection and nurturing treatments — and the highlight for me — Amanda's inspiring and heartfelt Yoga sessions. Thank you both for making it happen.” 
—  Sue

“ Love & laughter in abundance. Continuous running water during yoga sessions was very tranquil & facilitated meditation practice. Beautiful, kind, smiling, attentive service from the lovely staff added so much more the yoga retreat experience.  Magic. ” 
—  Kathy

“ This retreat changed my life, I turned up here a stressed out manic & left calm, peaceful & centered. Yoga is new to me, but I felt the sessions catered for all levels. Amanda made me feel comfortable. Wayan – who guided our activities was knowledgeable + humorous & was your star this week. The food was divine. Plentiful with variety. I am new to guided meditation but felt the benefits a million fold. The staff at the retreat are worth their height in gold. I loved their attention to detail & kind manner. ” 
—  Kelli

“ A fantastic experience! I am new to yoga so this retreat was a little daunting but when we arrived & throughout our stay the staff & program were very reassuring. The location, grounds, food, & staff are excellent. Highly recommend! Amanda is a great teacher, very welcoming & made us ‘newbies’ feel very comfortable about our level of Yoga. ” 
—  Nyree

“ Amanda improves with age, ideal yoga comes from within, from her heart. Every one is treated as a long lost friend. ” 
—  Raelene

“ One of many a memory that I have is about our singalong in the main building at night. The fun and spontaneity, the good will and laughter, with participation levels as varied as voices! It was music for the heart and soul even if it may not have been foe the ears. AND Julie's timid debut with you and your brother, and then she wouldn't stop singing!  A  hoot !! ” 
—  Silvana

“ We Loved It! ” 
—  Phil and Michelle