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Welcome to Autumn - so lovely that the weather is just beginning to cool down! So what’s happening for you? What are you gathering up and carrying forward into the next phase of 2018? And what are you consciously choosing not to take into the next 6 months? If you are feeling slightly anxious or can feel any overwhelm creeping in - don’t worry you are not alone. This is Autumn and she can tend to make us whirl a little, she is asking us to slow down, take a good look - what’s working? what’s not? Once we re-set and let go of the need to keep ploughing on - things lighten up a little. Don’t worry. You are not alone. We get it. We get like that too. Praise be not only to yoga - but to all the practices, friends and community that assist us on walking this human journey.

At this time of year your practice can either ramp up or slow down depending on your bodies’ needs. It’s an excellent time to cleanse and clear away, lightening our load even for a short time. Feel into this moment (your hands, your feet, your body) instead of feeding into the never-ending cycle of stress and overload that is the monkey in our heads. And when you feel to…….stop - give yourself permission, even for an afternoon, to read a good book, soak in a bath, play, thrown leaves in the air or just to sit. Do your thing and as my mother-in-law says ‘Please yourself and you please the world!’.

Something we did last year that was really lovely was ‘Bring a Friend Week’ - so during Week 10 (that is week beginning 26/3/18 - you can bring a friend for FREE.

And also on offer from now until 15 April 2018 - $68 Massages - just in time for a holiday treat!


* Yoga Sound Journey Sunday 25/3/18 - 9.30am.

* YogaRest Sunday 28/4/18 - Restorative Yoga - perfect for this season.

* Self-Care Retreat Friday 11/5/18-Sunday 13/5/18 - Early Bird Pricing still available. 10 week Yoga Blocks! And an 8 Week Meditation Block! Let me know how the block is going for you. $160 for the 10 weeks or $20 per casual visit for yoga. Meditation (Dress code for next block: Pajamas!) block is $80 per block or $15 per casual visit. Please email/ text me to book in for a block or to let me know if you are attending casually. You are able to check the dates for each block this year on the website so you can pop them directly in your diary.

Yoga Nidra will make an appearance in May and June!

Jules is off to Nepal at the end of the month on a very exciting 3 week trip of a lifetime - I am sure you will all join me in wishing her the very best for her travels and you never know - maybe next year some of us will be led through Nepal by our very own Jules! Please share our newsletter with those you think would be interested in what we offer at Juma.

Catch you all soon.

Namaste ;-} Julie and Amanda

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