Blessings to you all for 2018 from Juma Health & Yoga

Welcome to what is going to be a great year! However this year has started for you know that the Universe is for You! Everything about our universe is designed to support us all - the air we breath, the support of our skeletal system, the systems in place in our communities, our inner guidance, the food we eat, the friendships we nourish, the art we explore, our spiritual practices. We are supported, we are blessed.

So what’s happening for you in 2018? What is life looking like for 2018 so far? Have you created an intention for the year? Are you feeling it? Have you taken some time to reflect on 2017? The year that was……… What stood out as a learning experience from the last year. What would you like to pursue in moving forward? What does your heart say?

I love this time of year. The slate is cleared and the energy is with us - we are rested and ready to create. So as you embark on 2018 what are you creating?

We have taken time early this year to feel into what is coming and it is so exciting! As we discussed at our Full Moon session on the 2nd of January, the energy this year is amplified - we are going to experience a creative year times two! So exciting! This is a powerful time - it’s a time to cleanse, renew and rewire to bring in new patterns for this brand new year. Creating rituals can help because they speak to our sub-conscious mind and let our body know that certain parts of our lives are over and some parts of our lives are just beginning. Ritual can be such a powerful tool for helping us clear, navigate and direct our lives. Creating ritual can be a simple as a cup of tea in the morning, a meditation before bed, a prayer to your God…….. there are so many ways to partake in ritual. Ritual speaks to us deeply because we assign them meaning! So as we transition from 2017 to 2018 what are you intentionally giving meaning to? What new patterns are you bringing in, what old patterns are you letting go? What intention are you offering to set the tone for your 2018?

And so from a very simple and thoughtful Christmas gift received from a fellow Yogini - it was scrabble letters that say ‘I am’ - a ritual was born. Without even realising I was creating ritual - every time I moved to pass the gift I would add in a word. I am ……………. We get to choose in every single moment what we are - no one else gets to do it to us or for us - we have free choice in what we choose to be. What do you choose? What are you choosing right now? And that changes from moment to moment - doesn't it?

Over the break I got a ‘real’ job. You know like one that starts at a particular time and ends when the boss says you can go home. The kind of job where you are told what to do, how to do it and when you’ve done it wrong. Ha! It’s been a hoot! I have met some of the most humble, kind and ‘salt of the earth’ beings. All doing their best at living their lives. It has been humbling for me to get a ‘real’ job. To do work other than my yoga. But it has also been exciting for me to recognise once again why yoga, meditation and self study are so vital on this journey. What did Socrates suggest all that time ago - ‘The unreflected life is not worth living.’ And who was it that said ‘A change is as good as a holiday!’. So my ‘real’ job finishes in perfect synchronicity with yoga beginning again and I have to say I AM EXCITED!

I am so excited about this year - I jumping out of my skin excited!

What have we got to offer to you from Juma Central this 2018? Lots

Mandakini has started her New Years Cleanse, Naomi is Massaging and Kendall is doing Kinesiology.

Next Wednesday evening (17/1/18) from 6pm-8pm - we have a New Moon Intention Setting Ritual. We will flow in yoga, we will sit in meditation, we will release what is not serving into the fire!, we will utter our mantras and study and contemplate the self, the year and assign our meaning. This session is nearly full.

Also on offer and starting 22/1/18 (very soon!) - 10 week Yoga Blocks! And an 8 Week Meditation Block! - YAY! All blocks are set and ready to go - you can check the dates for each block this year on the website so you can pop them directly in your diary. $160 for the 10 weeks or $20 per casual visit for yoga. Meditation block is $80 per block or $15 per casual visit. Please email/text me to book in for a block or to let me know if you are attending casually. In fact I would love to hear if you have read this far through the email - I wonder does anyone read all the way to the end - please let me know if you do ;-))).

There is lots more coming for 2018. We have retreats in the works, we have a block of 4 Yoga Nidra Classes coming - spread our over the year for a top up at each block - more info to come on this shortly. We have 4 1/2 day retreats planned - each with a different topic so you can pick and choose depending on what you're interested in.

Let us end by saying this is a great year to be alive! One filled with opportunities to flourish and shine so jump in - feel into it and create your best year yet. Enjoy the blessings - they are being showered on us right in this preciousness!

Namaste and Goodness to YOU ALL

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