Happy Autumn Friends!

It's nice to feel a bit of cool entering the air (a little). And although Autumn is a time to begin turning inward for the winter, at Juma we have some juicy offerings coming up. First though a little bit generally about the Autumn transition and how it might affect our bodies and minds.

Dr David Frawley writes: 'Half of Ayurvedic treatment is what goes into the body, which is mainly food. The other half is what the body does by way of expression, which is mainly exercise. Asana deals with this.'

When practicing yoga it can be very helpful to work with the elements as well as taking into consideration our constitution - knowing what works well for us and what doesn't. As we know yoga can be particularly helpful in releasing deep tensions from the tissues, organs and joints but we need to remember to work intelligently with the practice. That is key.

Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences and an understanding of what dosha (Ayurvedic body constitution) we are more dominant in can assist us when practicing yoga. Do you need more stillness? Do you need more vigour? Have a feel into that - what do you need? A practice could include sitting, standing, lying, expansive and contractive movements but at the same time it is essential to remember to tune into what the body actually needs right now.

Autumn can be a little cool, quite dry and a windy season and dependent on our yogic constitution the elements may be affecting us more than we think. Autumn is a time when we are especially vulnerable to Vata aggravation. We might notice that our skin starts to feel extra dry. Coconut oil is a great lubricator. And because of Vata's nature, we might notice a feeling of being a little ungrounded or even spacey or unable to focus. Other signals that of this seasons aggravation could include constipation, bloating, or feelings of anxiety and/or insomnia. Your joints may also become a little achy.

So stay well lubricated and listen to the changing needs of your body and as you listen and take action on that listening you will find equilibrium at every turn as a pointer that keeps leading you back home to your natural and healthy state of being.

We have the final Yoga Nidra session of 4 this Saturday morning. It has been very enjoyable for me to begin this offering and if any participants have feedback I would love to hear from you.

Next up we have a Chakra Rest Workshop on 18/3. Participation is open to everyone whether you have practiced yoga never or a lot! The afternoon promises to be deeply restful and restorative and we will finish off with a delicious practice of Chakra Nidra. Click on the link following for some more info...


Also coming up is our Autumn Cleanse. Three days of cleansing yoga and food to rest and recalibrate internally. This cleanse offers complete support during the three days and leaves you feeling light and clear. Following is some info...


Quite a few spots are already taken for our May retreat but we do have a few available. This retreat will focus on new beginnings as the new moon will make an appearance on the Friday - a potent 3 days it will be! Another opportunity to let go of what was and come into the now - couldn't find a more perfect spot to do it! Past retreatants will agree I am sure. Sue and Aziz are the perfect hosts and we have plenty on offer this time around.


The new block of yoga, meditation and yoga Nidra will come around shortly and with it may be a few new surprises so stay tuned! Things could be a changing just like the season.


Thanks to you all for being an integral part of the Juma community. Recently remembered connections have reminded both Mum and I of the importance of the friendships formed and support offered via our community. We are simple folk offering services from the heart and we thank you for your support - past, present, future. Namaste. Special thanks also goes to Darren - our IT guru - Marishka Darren.

With love and kindness

Julie & Amanda