Dear Juma Health and Yoga,

I wish to express my gratitude to you for the ‘healing’ services and support you offer to the community. In the past I have received benefits from massage, nutritional advice, Yoga, and Reiki. I experienced my recent Reiki Therapy as a session of deep relaxation which was soothing and comforting. I booked in with Amanda who started the session with gentle verbal guidance in relation to where I was at with challenges and what I was hoping to achieve from the Therapy. Amanda’s approach was professional yet welcoming, warm and non-judgemental; – immediately putting me at ease which contributed to a feeling of being in a ‘safe-place’. I was surprized at a couple of challenges which began to present themselves to me as a result of, (what I feel is), Amanda’s instinctual ability to target ...underlying important issues..... At that time I did not go into them; – no pressure from Amanda, - even though it would have been appropriate. But, it did not matter because the fact that I acknowledged a couple of issues, in my mind, was progress for me. The Reiki room was pleasantly arranged and the massage table/bed was comfortable. Amanda checked that I was as comfortable as possible. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble in the offering of adjustments to temperature, pillows, blankets, water or positioning for maximum relaxation. Amanda suggested that I try deeper breaths as I closed my eyes. From there I was aware of Amanda around different sides of the table. She used crystals, I think, and a Tibetan Bowl and music. -- It was a beautiful experience. Now, it is difficult for a novice who is fully aware that there are different levels and types of Energy Therapy and Yoga. Also, I am aware that there are multi-faceted aspects of the different levels involved such as physical/biological; psychological/emotional; spiritual and social/community, etc. And that is what I acknowledge and know but I have no deep understanding of the ...philosophy... - I am uneducated and just looking through a frosted glass and certainly do not comprehend the lingo/vocab. So, all I can say here is that when the Reiki lying-down part was over and we looked at and talked to a couple of cards that I chose; - while I drank my water; - I gradually became aware of different levels of my ‘being’ that were ??awakened or spoken to; - but I knew that some healing was happening on different levels and I do not have the words. I was also aware of a couple of actions I needed to do and that it was my responsibility to address them. There was no need to discuss and no clarification was necessary. Amanda, appeared, to me, to have an ....essence... of compassionate wisdom which is felt even if she communicates non-verbally. Amanda, kindly took photos of my chosen cards and the explanations associated and sent them to me so that I could review them which was very helpful as with subsequent readings and looking at the photos – some learnings/lessons were reinforced and quite new concepts arose which incredibly fitted in with the learnings/lessons from the Reiki. So, the benefits continued for a few days. Thank you again to you all at Juma Health and Yoga and I wish for you much peace, happiness and good health. Name supplied

Amanda’s sensitive, intuitive approach enables her to tailor treatments for every client. Her thorough preparation and attention to detail creates a deeply meaningful experience. Each time creating space for releasing, healing and restoring.K

Reiki & Massage with Amanda


$80 1 hour session

Reiki is a natural healing therapy where Universal Life Force energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client. Reiki is a hands on therapy where the client remains fully clothed and all you need to do is rest back and receive what the intelligence of this Life Force energy has for you. Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy is Action. During the session sound, gems, essential oils and guidance may be offered.

Treatments can be done at Juma Health & Yoga or by distance.


$80 1 hour session

This personalised massage option is designed for those wanting to relax and gently release tensions from their body. A unique blend of essential oils enhances this massage experience and it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and calm. This is an experience of nourishment.

Combo Healing Package

Reiki/Massage/Yoga Therapy - $200

This healing pack takes place over 3 sessions using a combination of Reiki, Massage and Yoga Therapy. The focus will be to support you in relaxing deeply - a chance reconnect with the tensionless state.

To make or discuss an appointment call Amanda on 0411809437.